Xi-Venetian Plaster is an acrylic polymer based, trowel applied, high gloss plaster used to create the look of beautiful, aged, lime-based Italian plasters with the ease and durability of an acrylic application. Xi-Venetian Plaster comes in 24 colors (Xi-Color Chart) and custom colors are available with minimum orders. Applied in different methods for versatile and custom textures and sheens.

  • Ease of application compared to lime plaster
  • Intense Color options
  • Varying aesthetics
  • Easy to apply

Xi-Venetian Plaster may be used in interior applications to create old world plaster finishes, polished traditional Venetian plaster or smooth, glossy, marble-like surfaces. The product can be applied in layered varying color, burnishing, and other different application techniques to create looks including stone, worn leather and suede.

60 lbs (27.2 kg) net weight in 5 gal. plastic pails.
24 lbs (10.9 kg) net weight in 2 gal. plastic pails.
12 lbs (5.4 kg) net weight in 1 gal. plastic pails.
  • 400-600 ft² (37.2-55.7 m² ) per 2 gallon pail (two coats).

Coverages are approximate and will vary depending on application methods and environmental/surface conditions.